Shopping Center Maintenance Has a Strong Domino Effect on a Site’s Success

Shopping center maintenance is about more than clean windows and debris-free walk walks. It’s also about atmospheric effects and the way they impact a commercial site’s success or failure. What are atmospheric effects? The list of elements is long, especially when it comes to shopping center maintenance. But studies have continually shown gardens and lawns are a big part of the overall picture.

In the fall of 2012, Journal of Marketing Management published a study whose results indicate professional shopping center maintenance may do at least three things. They include motivating shoppers to visit a particular area more often than others, which may have a domino effect. For example, shopping centers whose visual aesthetics have a verifiable history of increasing foot traffic may also attract more anchor stores.

Obviously, that would be a fortunate situation for shopping center management groups as well as property and sore owners. Case in point, Sonoran Institute published a paper last year that focused on mixed and single-use commercial development. It included a detailed look at North American buyers, which was very telling. Essentially, the buyer persona recap indicated that several demographics with strong buying powers typically gravitate towards shopping centers with the most to offer in way of experiences.

Although not noted in the institute’s report, it is widely accepted that the highlighted, demographic cohorts also appreciate green, tech-enabled shopping centers. So today’s shopping center maintenance plan should include things like resource conservation and Wi-Fi friendly, hardscaped, seating areas as well. And yes, with the right commercial landscaping, it is possible to convert tired, resource-hogging, antiquated centers into something more appealing to those groups too.

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