Put Signing a HOA Maintenance Agreement on to Your New Year To-Do List

Have you signed your HOA maintenance contract for FY2016 yet? If not, now is the time to enter into negotiations and get a signed contract into place. A signed contract will ensure that regardless of the season or naturally occurring events, your community properties will be looking their absolute best. In addition, your HOA may ultimately enjoy reduced safety concerns as well.

For example, when winter storms hit North Carolina, downed tree limbs, scattered debris and snow may quickly turn harmless thoroughfares into hazardous ones. Of course the dangerous script may be flipped providing that HOA maintenance crews are dispatched immediately to remove storm remnants out of residents’ and visitors’ way.

As spring nears, the same crews may begin renovating turf, turning over beds and amending soil with necessary fertilizer. Scraggly looking areas may also need to be addressed before May. If so, crews can freshen up the landscape with edging, mowing, weed control, string and hedge trimming. Afterward, they can plant perennials or annuals at the HOA’s discretion.

Keeping a tight rein on vegetation growth isn’t all HOA maintenance contracts cover. Full-service companies, including ours, will typically address other pressing issues too. For instance, let’s say that it was an exceptionally volatile winter and spring. As such, frost heaving occurred often enough to permanently shift a commercial property’s hardscapes. A team could come in to remove the existing stonework, level out the ground and lay down more hardscapes.

In addition, HOA agreements could be drafted to include irrigation design, installation and ongoing maintenance. And it goes without saying that the best time of year to handle the installation process is late fall or early spring, while the earth is pliable. To discover how easy it is to draft agreements that include everything we’ve mentioned and more, please contact Long Brothers Landscaping today.