Protect your irrigation system: Homeowner Association Landscaping Maintenance

It isn’t too late to protect your irrigation system. Yes, we have had some frost on the ground, and you might have seen pictures of some areas of the country having snow on the ground. But, the weather has been nice and you might have forgotten to winterize your irrigation system. If you have, it’s not too late!

Why should you winterize the system? Your association has spent thousands of dollars installing the top irrigation system, so you should protect it. One lasting hard freeze and next spring can mean lots of needed repairs.

But, you can avoid that. It’s easy! If you are on the board of Homeowner’s Association, contact us for information about homeowner association landscaping maintenance.

We will come out and inspect your irrigation system and perform the following tasks:

1. We will drain water from all the underground pipes. That is a key step in protecting your investment. If there is water in the pipes and it freezes, then the pipes can burst and you will have leaks this spring. How are these pipes different than the regular water pipes? These pipes are closer to the surface, and they are not designed to withstand the winter freeze. So, while you don’t drain the main water pipes, you do need to drain these pipes.

2. We will inspect all your sprinkler heads and give you a recommendation on replacements so you can budget for the spring.

3. We will also ensure all systems are shut off so you don’t have to worry about any irrigation issues this winter.

If you are thinking your area doesn’t get hard freezes and you aren’t sure this is all necessary, please contact us. We all know the weather brings surprises and we would hate for you to wake up one morning realizing you should’ve had that irrigation system winterized.