Prepare Your Lawn Now for the Heat of Summer

Your lawn and landscape is a living, breathing entity that requires constant care. Just like our physical bodies require daily tasks to maintain health, so does a lawn require year-round care to stay strong, vibrant and healthy. Just as Shaun Stewart from Green Impressions states “how you care for your lawn one season will greatly influence its appearance and hardiness the next.” Generally we are looking to meet a lawn’s nutritional needs in the fall in order to withstand winter, and as spring approaches we are looking to best prepare a lawn for summer’s growth and stress from the heat. Spring is fast approaching, and what we do now will greatly affect our lawn’s appearance in the heat of summer. So, below we have listed five recommendations for the month of March.

Early March Tips: 

1)   Do not over-fertilize

The first sign of green grass does not mean that you need to immediately apply excessive fertilizer. Actually, in early spring the best thing to do is apply a light amount of fertilizer. Later in the season feel free to apply a larger dose after initial growth has occurred.

2)   Broadleaf weed control

If your lawn is dominated by weeds, the best option may be to use a broadcast herbicide to kill them. If there are a few here and there, of course feel free to pick them by hand or use a product that will entirely kill the weed without harming the grass.

3)   Start irrigation

At this time, it is safe to startup the irrigation, but do not over water.

4)   Mow appropriate height for turf type 

As a general rule of thumb, grass will grow its best at around 2 inches and higher. But the appropriate height is largely dependent upon your turf type so do take this into consideration.

5)   Note that March is too early for insect control

Since the weather is still very unpredictable in the month of March, it is generally too early for most insect’s life cycles. Look towards doing insect control in April and May.


Written By: Ashton Long