Prep Your Shopping Center For The Holidays

If your property is anything like most retail centers, it has seen some serious traffic in the last month and it is about to see ten times more. Between the tromping feet and the heavy winter weather, the shopping center is starting to look a little worn. This is a shame, because this is the season that you want to seem most impressive to your customers. Here are a few quick ways to refurbish your center.

Plant Winter Blooms

North Carolina has some wonderful winter plants, such as holly, that look amazing when freshly planted. Have your landscape team dig up the old summer plants and put in these fresh new winter plants. It will provide some much needed color to your snow scene.

Throw In A Pergola

A new hardscape feature does wonders to attract new customers and to make the rest of the property look posher by association. A pergola is a shaded walkway created by putting a lattice over a group of posts, and you can imagine how grateful customers will be if you provide them some shelter from the wind and snow on your property. This also provides an advantage in the decorating arena by giving you somewhere to hang tinsel, holly and bunting outside, thus giving your shopping center an even more festive air.

Don’t Forget Simple Maintenance

Don’t let the rush of the holiday season make your team skimp on the maintenance routine. Now, while so many guests are in your stores, it is doubly important to trim dead branches, remove snow, and trim edges. Not only will it lead to your property looking nice, it will keep the many visitors safe and comfortable as they shop to their hearts’ content.

This holiday season, make sure that your property sparkles with these little tricks.