Prep Your Lawn For Fall

September is upon us. The kids are heading back to school, temperatures are dropping, and your retail business is stockpiling Christmas products. With the change in weather comes challenges to your commercial property’s lawn. Keeping it lush and enticing through the fall months will take some work. Here are some ways that a professional landscaping company can help:


September is a great month for adding cool weather grass to your landscape. If you need to over-seed bald patches or plant new areas with Kentucky blue-grass, tall fescue, or fine fescue, now is the time to do it.


Your lawn may be hungry. Cool weather grass, such as Tall Fescue, gets fed about now. You will want a pound of Nitrogen for every 1000 square feet of lawn. How much Phosphorous and Potassium you will need depends on how it is doing, and your landscaper may run a test on the lawn to determine how much to give it.

Warm weather grasses, such as St. Augustine grass, are best fed between May and August. If you have a warm weather grass and you haven’t had it fertilized yet, you will want to step on it now or hold off until next year.


You want your lawn an inch high for a healthy grass and a nice appearance. It may be slowing down in growth, but it will still need regular mowing once a week or so. It’s a good idea to get the edges trimmed at the same time for a clean, uniform look.


Cool weather grass that gets a lot of traffic, as commercial properties often do, needs aerating in early spring or fall. Your landscaper can use either a plug aerator or a spike aerator to poke holes in the sod so that water and nutrients can better reach grass roots. This might look silly for a week, but your lawn will be as green as emeralds afterwards.

Control Bugs And Weeds

September is a good month to check your lawn for white grubs, which are common here in North Carolina. They will be small and near the surface, so it’s a good time to spray them before they start ruining the lawn.

Broadleaf weeds such as henbit may be germinating in your lawn, too. You will want your landscaper to be on the lookout for them and control them.

This September, while stores stock up on Christmas products and kids trample the company lawn on the way to school, make sure your commercial property looks as beautiful as possible by following these tips!