New Year – New Landscape Maintenance Tips For Your HOA

It’s a brand new year, and it’s the perfect time to reevaluate, create vision, and improve your multi-family property. With a maintenance checklist for your landscape, the HOA can help your property look its best. So, where should they start?

1. Cleaning up hardscapes

Rainy and snowy weather can leave your fire pits, walkways and decks dirty, and it can encourage mold and weeds. Time should be put aside for cleaning and weeding, and making sure the landscapers scrub any stained pavers with the appropriate cleaners. You can remove any mold forming on your furnishings with a mixture of bleach and water or other commercial mold remover. Sweep up the stray mulch that rain might have moved across the walkways, and check for trash that might have hidden in the snow.

Additionally, the HOA can put time aside to check the state of your wooden, stone and concrete items for repair needs. You can also evaluate the potential for new hardscapes. The winter weather gives you a chance to imagine what a new deck or fire pit could do for your grounds.

2. Getting trees pruned properly

If you haven’t gotten your landscapers to trim your trees, ask them. Pruning in the winter, especially for summer blooming trees, encourages good health. It will also keep stray branches away from gutters and windows.

3. Planning the plants

Spring comes faster than you realize, and the start of the new year is a great time to look into new plants and new configurations. Our state has a number of beautiful native plants that would make fine additions to normal greenery. You can swap out some aging perennials for something fresh and build up some of those fashionable container gardens. The more thought that the HOA puts into their gardening plans, the better the design they can create.

4. Checking on the irrigation system

As the ground starts to thaw, you get a chance to check the health of your irrigation system. Is your retaining wall in good shape? Are the sprinklers in working order? Catching leaks early and making sure your drains are clear of debris can save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run. Any problems you catch stay small, and you won’t lose water.

If your home owner’s association draws up this checklist for the new year, your multi-family dwelling unit will be well prepared for the warmer seasons ahead.