Multi-family Property Landscaping Maintenance: Is Your Landscaping Safe for Kids?

Kids generally love playing outdoors, and if your multi-family property has some open spaces for them to do so, it’s important that they enjoy a safe environment.

When it comes to multi-family property landscaping maintenance, what are some of the ways to make your landscaping more safe for kids?

Make it more fire-proof. This includes clearing away too big an accumulation of dead plants, leaves, and twigs, making sure the trees and grass are trimmed, and checking that no flammable materials are lying out in the open and not properly stored.

Clear away debris. Broken glass, nails, sharp pieces of splintery wood, rusted metal parts, and other kinds of debris could be dangerous to kids. You need to make sure the property is clean, including areas that you think are relatively inaccessible but that children could easily get into.

Remove harmful plants. Proper landscaping maintenance can remove poisonous or otherwise harmful plants from your property, including plants that can cause rashes and strong allergic reactions or leave scratches.

Get rid of stinging insect nests. You don’t want the area to be home to major nests of wasps or other stinging insects that are especially dangerous in large numbers.

Secure fencing. You want to make sure that there’s secure fencing around more hazardous areas of the property. The fencing may enclose a body of water or some outdoor electrical equipment or machinery that you wouldn’t want kids to access.

Check that the hardscapes are in good condition. With kids running around and also having the potential to be more clumsy, it’s important that your hardscapes aren’t full of cracks or other hazards they could trip over.

Promote playground safety. If you have a playground area for children on the property, make sure it’s up to code and as safe as possible. The surface should be made of a material that’s least likely to result in fractures or internal trauma if kids fall. The equipment should be high-quality and well-maintained.

These are just some of the things you can do to make the property safer for child residents (and adults will benefit as well). Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can help keep your property in good shape.