Multi-family Properties Need Regular Maintenance

Owning townhouses or apartments comes with a lot of responsibility. There are rules about collecting rent and reporting your income, you have duties to your tenants and much more. With all this, it can be easy to forget about your landscape which actually does a disservice to you.

Think about it. Lush lawns and well-tended flower beds are good advertisements. If your landscape looks pretty, people will think you keep the indoor environment pretty, too. It is a fair assumption after all. Well-manicured grounds put potential tenants in a good mood for when they see your units.

Even when you are not technically showing people around your property, people pass it all the time and can see it on Google Earth. Have professionals tend to the grounds regularly so that potential tenants will remember you when they look for a new home.

It isn’t just about attracting new tenants either. Keeping up the property will make your current tenants safe. Overgrown paths are tripping hazards and hiding places for insect nests. Mice burrow under ivy that has gone wild. Branches can poke out windows and fall on people. Untended lawns develop puddles that breed moisture-loving mosquitoes. Your tenants want to feel safe on the grounds around their homes. Have a company regularly trim the vegetation and fix your irrigation system so your tenants don’t have to face these issues.

It’s more comfortable to live where the grounds are regularly maintained. It gives tenants somewhere pleasant to roam on nice days. It gives the homeowner association a place to hold community get-togethers. With your property providing such fond memories, your tenants will make your houses their homes as long as possible. The longer they stay, the less you have to worry about vacancies.