Maintaining Irrigation Systems for Multi-Family Housing

For a resident of a multi-family housing association, it is important for the area surrounding their home in the local community to be kept up to a high aesthetic standard. A key component of this maintenance is an irrigation system. Irrigation systems keep the grass and other plants in the landscape arrangement hydrated and healthy.

Why Routine Maintenance is Important

Irrigation systems are prone to damage over time, especially if routine maintenance is not performed. At the bare minimum, it is necessary to winterize a sprinkler system, which involves using pressure to evacuate all of the water currently pressurized in the system plus the residual water left over. According to Wikihow, “As temperatures outside drop below the freezing point of water, water in your sprinkler system pipes can freeze into ice and expand, causing your pipes to burst as a result. You need to winterize your sprinkler system to prevent this from happening.” Some organizations may question why this procedure is necessary. In areas that have temperate weather, it may not be a requirement. However, when temperatures go below freezing, the ground begins to freeze from the top down. If the frozen dirt goes deep enough, it will cause the pipe to burst.

Routine Maintenance Practices

Routine maintenance includes replacing broken or missing sprayer heads, unclogging nozzles and fixing any leaks in the line. Sprayer heads can also sink or tilt, which ruins the intended spray pattern. A sunken head can be remediated seasonally by cutting turf away each season. A permanent fix for a sunken head is use a riser or taller sprinkler bodies

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