Lower Costs, Save Water & Improve Your Property’s Appearance

Irrigation system is a rather broad term which describes any means of bringing water to the ground that would not have it otherwise. Obviously, your landscape needs a regular supply of water to stay green, but if your lawn is green now and the plants don’t seem to be drooping, you have done your job, right? As the owner of a commercial property, you have other things to worry about.¬†However, there are many benefits to having professionals check on or improve your irrigation before this quarter is up. Consider the following:

Saving Water Saves Money

Water can cost a pretty penny, and setting up a system that uses it efficiently frees up money to do other things. The cost of water has increased by 9% since 2008, and it will likely only get pricier. Think of it as a long-term investment: you get a system that pays you back over time. The EPA estimates that each home can save $350 a year through water efficiency, and a multi-family housing company or commercial establishment can increase that exponentially.

Prevent Costly Problems

Irrigation systems that have sprung a leak or become inefficient create problems. Pools of water attract insects, which scare away customers and elicit complaints from tenants. The excess water can also run into your building, damaging the walls. Puddles can make your walkways slippery and increase the chance of someone slipping. Updating and maintaining your irrigation system catches these problems early and frequently prevents them from happening altogether.

Improve Your Property’s Appearance

Your irrigation system can include some very pretty features in its own right. Retaining walls and drains can look quite decorative. They can sport native plants and lovely land features. Of course, when all the water is controlled, your lawn and plants are uniformly lush, instead of looking patchy. When irrigation systems are outdated, they will only water some of your property and you can wind up with a lawn that is green in the middle but brown on the edges which doesn’t look very professional.