Landscaping With Safety In Mind

Summer is firmly on our shores, and the tourists are coming out full-force. The beautiful greenery and bright flowers attract customers, and the sunny weather keeps them coming out to your property. However, that increased traffic can lead to more safety issues. Fortunately, you can lessen safety risks with careful landscaping.

Drain For Safety

Sprinklers leave puddles on summer mornings, which can lead to customers slipping on wet pavement. You can prevent this by inspecting the pathways immediately after watering to see if there are spots that aren’t draining well. Have your landscaping company set up the most efficient drainage system for your landscape in order to prevent puddles.

Porous paving for paths can also help, as that will let summer showers and water from sprinklers pass right though them.

Plant With Bugs In Mind

When you pick the greenery for your commercial landscape, consider the insects they will attract. Some of your customers are allergic to bees, and none of them will appreciate swarms of mosquitoes hanging out by your flowers. It may be best to pick non-flowering plants, or flowers that have very specific pollinators. Look into the best options for your property.

Go For Ease Of Maintenance

The easier it is to maintain a property, the more likely it will be kept properly. The better maintained your property is, the safer it is. So, make sure your hardscapes resist algae and are slip-resistant. Pick native plants that can be kept healthy easily so they won’t attract bugs. Make sure planters are hardy so they don’t crack. Make sure the irrigation system can be easily cleaned.