Keeping Your Multi-family Property Safe Through The Winter

As the temperatures get cooler and holiday season swiftly approaches, the traffic on your property will likely increase significantly. The cooler weather keeps people at home and the holiday’s increase the number of guests on your property. The change in weather also stresses plant life and the buildings structural integrity. This presents all sorts of headaches to the property owner, who has to clean up the damage and replace tenants when things go wrong. However, you can limit both headache and risks by taking a few precautions this winter.

Make Sure Trees And Shrubs Are Trimmed

This is a late fall act that can make the winter far more cozy. Go through your property with the landscaping crew and get all the branches that are close to windows or look dead cut off. Have your shrubs tamed, too. Winter storms throw weak branches around, which can break windows or injure tenants. Additionally, shrubs that grow over paths cause people to trip and can hide all sorts of hazards. While your tenants may know to jump over the shrubs, their guests will probably not know, and they can trip.

Update Your Sidewalk

With snow, sleet and rain, the paths between townhouses can get slippery. Dead leaves and snow can hide uneven walkways. Again, there will be more guests who aren’t aware of the state of the sidewalk and even your tenants can start running in to each other with the hustling involved in the holidays and more people spending time closer to home. All this leads to people tripping on your sidewalks. You can limit this by installing more walkways in your landscapes, making them out of permeable materials that won’t develop puddles, and checking that they are even. This is the sort of investment that pays off very quickly. Your tenants will appreciate the safe, puddle-free surfaces as they hurry to their guests.

Work With The Lighting

Make sure that trees aren’t covering up the lamps and that there are a few lamps for the sharp corners. Since it gets dark earlier in the winter, you will want to be sure that the lamps are working and illuminate as much of the sidewalk as possible. People are inclined to run out in a hurry late at night and they can run into things and trip.

Keep Your Landscapers On The Payroll

Keeping property maintained and having some one to call in case of an emergency are important in the winter. If you are tempted to let your flower-and-hedge people go just because the flowers are no longer blooming, remember that they often do such safety-oriented tasks such as removing dead trees and snow. Their attention to the grounds will catch problems before tenants get hurt, and it will encourage other people to respect your property.