Increase Tenant Retention with a Focus on Multi-Family Property Landscaping Maintenance

Although it is expected to go through multiple tenants over the years, as a property owner, you generally enjoy the ones that stick around for several years as it reduces the constant demand to find new tenants.

With numerous that determine a tenant’s experience, you should place your focus on controlling the factors that can be dictated by your actions, such as multi-family property landscaping maintenance.

Not only should you keep the landscape maintained, but you should make any necessary improvements to ensure tenant satisfaction as this is an ideal way to get them to rent longer.

Give Tenants the Curb Appeal They Deserve

A tenant will feel good about their rental home when you make it look good from the outside. While the interior is generally dictated by the tenant’s style, the exterior is mostly out of their control. It is ideal to provide tenants with a neutral curb appeal that just about everyone can look at and be happy with.

Provide Welcoming Front Yards

While looks are certainly of importance, you should also consider the front yard’s function. Separating the space on a multi-family property can help to avoid tenant-related issues, and organizing it in a certain manner can make it easy to come and go from either the street, garage, or driveway.

Maintain Desirable Outdoor Spaces

It is understandable that the front yard should receive plenty of attention because this is where most people see the home, and it deserves as much function as any other part of a home. However, in regard to property maintenance, focusing on both the front yard and backyard is an ideal combination because backyards are places for relaxation, eating, family gatherings, and much more.

Providing tenants with an appealing backyard and front yard is a great way to keep them around, and keeping it updated and maintained will also make it easier to retain tenants after the current ones leave.

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