How To Best Prepare Your Property for Summer

Summer is your property’s time to shine. The flowers are vividly colored, the grass is lush, and the weather is bringing people outside. This can be your establishment’s best advertisement. If you take advantage of the season, your business will thank you.

So, how do you prepare?

1. Seasonal Flowers

Our state has a fine selection of native plants that become their most gorgeous in the summer. Pick some key spots on your property for some of these brilliant flowers and have your landscaper put them in now so that they have time to get comfortable. Their perfume and their lush, overspreading appearance will scream summer fun to future tenants, guests, and customers.

2. Double Check Your Irrigation System

Brown spots are the bane of…everything. You don’t want them on your lawn, your tree leaves or anywhere. Have your landscapers go over your retaining walls, pipes and sprinklers to make sure the water is evenly applied to all your greenery and that there aren’t any blind spots. This will keep your landscape as lovely as emeralds in the summer sun.

3. Final Hardscape Scrub-Down

Are you running a business that will be getting an influx of guests in the summer? You want your pergolas, stone benches, patios and other hardscapes to look their shiniest. Weed those walks, sweep up those patios and scrub up those walls.

These are only a few of the ways to prepare your property for the heat of summer. It is truly your property’s time to shine. So, don’t be afraid to try new designs or plant some different flowers. Changing things up a bit will not only make your property stand out, but your tenants and future residents will love it as well.