How Can Landscaping Protect the Structural Integrity of Your Property?

Landscaping does far more than keep your investment properties’ yards green and healthy. The right watering, plant choices, and grass maintenance can protect the property itself, and hiring a landscaping service for your multi-family properties means not having to maintain the landscaping yourself. It also means the property’s foundation will stay stronger.

How can landscaping companies help preserve a property’s foundation?

1) We can create a border of plants and hedges around the foundation of your home. 

These plants can help keep the soil in good condition by holding the soil in place with its roots and keeping it relatively cool and shady with its leave. Even a small bit of temperature regulation, since the plants are there 24/7, will help your soil retain moisture and not dry and crack as easily. Plants also mean mulch, which keeps moisture locked into the soil and lets the occasional rainfall in easily.

2) Water your foundation with a soaker hose.

If you have a soaker hose and a timer, you can feed water directly into the soil around the perimeter of your home without losing water to evaporation or other soil. The best times to water are in the early morning and evening when temperatures are at their coolest and the water can really seep into the ground. Soaker hoses and drip irrigation systems are far more efficient than sprinkler systems or traditional hoses, which is perfect for droughts and water bans. In fact, some cities allow exemptions for foundation watering depending on the type of watering system you plan to use.

Foundation damage can creep up on you if you’re not vigilant, especially during the summer months and during our extended drought. But landscaping can help prevent soil erosion, foundational damage, and a parched lawn from the heat.