Homeowner Association Landscaping Maintenance Teams Ask: What Do You See in Autumn?

It’s officially autumn, so we can’t help asking. When you look outside, do you consider the leaves a lovely sight to behold or immediately start to dread what comes next? If you count yourself in the dread category, lighten up. Our homeowner association landscaping maintenance plans take fall foliage into account. Plus, the leaves aren’t as bad as they seem. Yes, they cover everything and tend to get slippery at times. But they can actually be recycled into something besides scarecrow stuffing and natural décor.

Believe it or not, they make some of the best, organic mulch. Just like grass clippings and other loose vegetation, they will break down and help fertilize the soil over time. So you may want to consider using it as a base layer around your commercial or residential property’s trees and shrubs. Not only will it feed the soil, chances are it will protect the roots from early frosts too. But you just can’t send the neighborhood’s kids out to rake the leaves into piles.

If you are going to convert the foliage into mulch, best leave that task to a homeowner association landscaping maintenance team. We can check to ensure the leaves won’t transfer harmful disease, fungus or insects from one section of your community to another. Also, we can test the soil and determine which amendments need to be mixed with the mulched leaves. The amendments will help the landscape survive the winter and stave off potential problems, including root rot and ground beetle infestations. Plus, we can remove the excess mulch for the time being and add more as needed.