Homeowner Association Landscaping Maintenance: Placating Residents and Potential Buyers

With spring in full swing and the housing market in recovery, potential buyers will be pilgrimaging to promised communities in Raleigh, Cary, and Durham in droves, searching for their new, perfect home in their new, perfect community. With that being said, now is not the time to allow your neighborhood to look even the slightest bit lackluster.

Homeowner association landscaping maintenance is an important issue not only to those who are looking to put their homes on the market or those looking to find their forever homes; it’s an important issue to anyone who has already found and invested in his or her dream property and wants to enjoy the aesthetic quality offered by the great outdoors, and with 29 years of experience, Long Brothers Landscaping, Inc. can provide just what everyone in all of these important categories needs…and so much more.

HOA landscaping maintenance is an important duty, a duty delegated to be supervised by the executive members of the HOA Board. Very few things can bring property values down faster than untrimmed hedges, grass that doesn’t glow green, weeds protruding from community spaces, and poor mulching practices. With Long Brothers Landscaping, you need not worry. In addition to hedge trimming, fertilization, mulching, and weed control, we can handle your HOA’s very specific needs, including fall aeration, turf renovation, tree removal, and pond services, among others. Our full-time, full-service landscaping team is devoted to making absolutely certain that your HOA’s common areas are left looking pristine, keeping residents and potential residents happy while keeping your HOA budget in check.

If you’re ready for a homeowner association landscaping maintenance team that puts your neighborhood’s best foot forward, contact us. With 29 years experience and a wealth of training and tried-and-true methodology, your neighbors (even the ones who come to the HOA meetings just to complain) will thank you!