Homeowner Association Landscaping Maintenance: Bee Aware and Take Care!

The recent warm weather has added many tasks to our Homeowner Association landscaping maintenance list and prompted panicky calls about ground bee mounds. Perhaps you’ve seen a few of the mounds in and around Raleigh. If so, there is no need to run out and buy beekeeper’s suits for your Homeowner Association’s staff. Chances are that the bees are more interested in each other than you.

During the spring, ground bees mate and deposit their fertilized eggs into the ground. Their offspring remains there until the following year, when they emerge from the soil in a scene that’s reminiscent of B science fiction movies from the dawn of the Nuclear Age. And yes, it can be scary for homeowners that aren’t expecting to see their lawns turn into a mass of mounds filled with bees.

Once the bees emerge, they tend not to dissipate quickly. Most of them stay around to mate and start the cycle all over again, which can make many homeowners wary about caring for their lawns. Thankfully, ground bees are generally timid when it comes to approaching humans and domestic pests. So, tending to Homeowner Association landscaping maintenance while love is buzzing in the air is perfectly safe if approached with care.

Plus, there are preventive steps that may be taken to keep the horror movie scene from playing out year after year. For example, installing irrigation systems, native pine straw mulch and thick turf grass will help stabilize the soil. Consequently, the bees will be less likely to try to dig their way beneath the surface to lay their eggs. They’ll often head off in search of barren areas that are filled with dry, loose soil instead.

To learn more about hiring professions to complete homeowner association landscaping maintenance tasks like keeping ground bees at bay, please contact us.