HOA Maintenance: Reasons to Encourage the Homeowners in Your Neighborhood to Use the Same Landscaping Company

Although your homeowners association might use the services of one company for basic HOA maintenance — such as cleaning up around the pool and other common areas — the residents within your neighborhood might all handle their own landscaping or hire their own lawn care professionals. One good option is to encourage the residents in your neighborhood to all use the services of the same landscaping company. These are the main reasons why.

Enjoy a More Cohesive Look

Sure, everyone in the neighborhood probably likes to add their own special touches to their property. Overall, though, it is nice if the same types of grass, mulch and other similar things are used throughout the neighborhood. Plus, having the lawns cared for at approximately the same time can also help provide a more cohesive look for the neighborhood.

Avoid Violations

The last thing that anyone in the neighborhood wants to deal with is a violation. Luckily, ensuring that everyone in the neighborhood is on a lawn care contract with a reliable lawn care service can help prevent violations.

Save Money

Many landscaping companies will offer special pricing for homeowners associations and residents who all use the service. It’s a great way for everyone in the neighborhood to save money on lawn care.

As you can see, it’s a smart idea to choose one landscaping company to handle all of the HOA maintenance and lawn maintenance for residents in your neighborhood. Consider talking to the residents to get everyone on board, and contact us to find out more about our reliable lawn care services.