HOA Maintenance: Get Professional Help

Your HOA is a smart bunch. The members are aware that HOA fees only go so far and that they have to be careful with the money they get. Some frugally minded members may think that they can make the money stretch further if they do the landscaping themselves. However, in the long run, this is not a good plan. There are two reasons for this.

Expertise In Landscaping Saves You Money

Ignorance is costly. Improperly installed irrigation systems hemorrhage water, pushing up your utility bills. Your tenants will not appreciate paying for water waste, and they will find somewhere else to live if they have to pay too much for water. Repairing damage that comes from trees that were allowed to grow sick and drop their branches on the roof costs quite a bit, too; far less than it would cost to keep the tree healthy in the first place. A professional landscaper makes sure that you are saved the costs of landscaping ignorance.

Nice Gardens Invite The More Discerning Tenant

No one likes to admit to it, but we judge books by their covers. A pretty frontage makes potential tenants look on your property favorably. They will be more willing to pay what you charge if the grounds look like they will be living somewhere pleasant. And they aren’t wrong to look at the state of your landscapes. Neat grounds indicates an attention to detail and concern the tenants’ comfort. People know this instinctively, and if they are able to pay for this attention, they are more likely to stay for a long time and to pay their HOA fees consistently.