HOA Landscaping Maintenance: Are You Ready to Try Vermicomposting?

There use to be a time when Homeowner Associations weren’t so keen on going green but that has since changed. Many now realize that adopting an eco-friendly stance can not only reduce their carbon footprint but increase property values and save on consumption related costs too. As such, they’re creating bylaws that encourage the use of eco-friendly landscaping, drip irrigation systems, solar power, low volatile organic compound paints, rain catchment systems, recycling bins and propane powered equipment. There are even a few that permit vermicomposting.

Vermicomposting is an excellent way for common area cooks and individual residents to reduce Homeowners Association related waste. It involves creating self-contained worm bins filled with Eisenia fetida and using them to compost a variety of organic waste materials. The list includes discarded HOA office papers, paper bags, old newspapers, coconut pith fiber, fall leaves and food scraps. Of course not just any old food scraps or bins will do. Otherwise, Homeowner Association landscaping maintenance efforts may end up being thwarted by unwanted vermin, insects and foul odors.

Once the waste has been broken down and the worms have outlived their compost potential, the benefits don’t stop there. It is possible to use the compost for Homeowners Association plant beds and let the area anglers have the worms for their bait buckets. This type of set up typically works well for associations that have catch-and-release fishing ponds located on premise. However, vermicomposting doesn’t have to be restricted to those types of Homeowner Association landscaping maintenance plans. Any HOA wishing to reduce their waste management costs may want to consider giving it a try.

To learn more about incorporating eco-friendly measures like vermicomposting into a HOA’s landscaping maintenance routine, please contact us. At Long Brothers Landscaping, we have a dedicated maintenance staff that is knowledgeable in environment-saving measures and are willing to help HOAs in our service area go green.