Getting Your Commercial Landscape Ready For Spring

It may seem early, but January and February are the perfect times to start thinking about what you will do with your property in the Spring. This is especially true if you have millions of guests skipping over your space every day. They will want to see a smooth transition from Winter wonderland to joyous Spring to reassure themselves that they are in good hands. So what should you be thinking about to get ready for the Spring?

Lawn Care And Shrub Maintenance

Start on weed prevention the second it starts to warm up. Crabgrass and its ilk tends to germinate at the first possible opportunity, and they are harder to control if they are allowed a head start. Spring is also when the dead wood should be removed from trees and shrubs. This way you make room for new growth.

New Plantings

Now is a great time to pick the flowers you will have planted in the front of the commercial property. There is nothing like a bed of marigolds or other flowers to declare your business officially in the mood for Spring, and our state has a fine array of native plants to choose from. Deciding what you shall have budding on your property now gives your landscapers time to order the plants.

Irrigation Repair

The snowmelt and rain of the Spring months can stress out an old irrigation system, leaving you with leaks and flooded areas. That makes now a good time to check the soundness of your pipes and have your landscapers update your drainage. This will prevent any nasty surprises when April brings showers.

Major Installations

Spring is a good time to revamp a tired section of your property. Could the employees use a porch? Would the customers admire a new walkway with a pergola? Does the median need a touch-up? You can start looking for ideas and drawing up plans with your landscapers now so you are ready to have your makeover when it starts warming up.