Getting the Most Out of Additional Features

Every townhouse and apartment complex sports a few features to attract new tenants. Little playgrounds, basketball courts, pools or water features are small investments with big returns. Although these additions are a plus, they must be maintained or they will stop returning dividends. The landscaping around these features can make them last as long as possible with as little outlay as possible. Here are a few tips for doing that.

Watch The Shrubs And Trees

Be careful about planting trees near basketball courts or playgrounds. Roots can tear up the paving and make the hardscapes unsafe. Branches can break off and land in the middle of your feature, potentially causing damage. Make sure the big trees are planted far enough away from your features to avoid creating problems. Have your landscapers keep the trees properly trimmed and maintained, as a sick tree will spread its roots out to compensate.

Watch The Irrigation System

Flooding and broken drainage pipes will damage the hardscapes around your features, causing cracks in fountains and other hardscapes. Generally, irrigation systems should be checked regularly, but give specific attention particularly around pools and basketball courts to prevent water backup. Channel the drainage pipes away from features and ask your landscapers about the best way to capitalize on rainfall.

Choose Your Surrounding Ground-cover Carefully

Features tend to take a lot of abuse. They attract people who are playing around, which can lead to the grounds looking shabby. Shabby grounds lead to potential tenants holding the features against you instead of considering them a plus. You want to pick surrounding ground-cover that will look good regardless of traffic.