Four current trends in commercial landscaping

A well-cared for landscape is an essential investment for your property. As residents of a multi-family community arrive home each evening, the sight of lush greenery is a soothing welcome. But, outdated concepts make your property look stale and uninviting. Consider updating your business with one or more of these four current trends in commercial landscaping.

Smart water management – Many commercial property managers now use the latest technology to save water. Businesses now use weather stations, smart irrigation controls and water conserving spray heads to manage water. These methods are eco-friendly, but they also save you money, which is good for your bottom line.

Drought resistant plants – These plants conserve water and need less maintenance. Fragrant and colorful herbs and plants such as rosemary, lavender, juniper and citrus make a landscape look lush with little effort.

Containers – An attractive durable container filled with drought resistant plants draws customers to a business and makes rental properties more attractive to current and prospective residents. The pots add color and can be grouped together and switched around according to the season. Potted evergreens add formality to an entrance and a spill of colorful petunias brightens a poolside area.

Creative solutions for limited spaces – some commercial landscapers now use vertical gardens for small spaces, but this method is more labor intensive than usual and not for every business. Another trend for small spaces is high impact landscaping. Dramatic or colorful plants like a butterfly bush or decorative grasses improve a small space and are cost-effective.

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