Find Ways to be Proactive this Winter – Here’s One

Winter is a hard time for adding plants. It isn’t the traditional growing season for many flowers, and the ground isn’t ready for planting. However, it is a great time to add hardscapes. The traffic is lighter, and there is less focus placed on foliage. It is a particularly good time to add permeable paving, and here’s a few reasons why:


With increased rain and snow, you have probably noticed where your commercial property tends to acquire puddles. Permeable paving allows the water to sink into the ground, so replacing your traditional paving with a permeable version can immediately make your property safer. It’s naturally not going to be as slippery without the puddles and black ice that can form after snow melts. It will also help you avoid water damage to your building, and people won’t be tracking as much water into your store or apartment lobby.

Advertising Sense 

It will also add interest. It is always good to change things up a bit to make your property catch the eye of potential customers, and shifting to pretty sandstone flag paving or a similar material for your walk-up path is a great way to grab someone’s attention.

Beat Extreme Winter Weather

Permeable paving is fantastic for storm water management. It directs the excessive amounts of rain or melted snow away from parking lots, stores and lawns. It keeps the runoff chemicals that tend to get washed off normal asphalt away from your landscape.

It weathers the cold very well; it resists damage from frost because water doesn’t stay long enough to freeze in the material. Some types of permeable paving may require salt for de-icing, but they frequently need less than traditional non-permeable options. All this means that it is a great choice for winter weather.