Fall Is Coming: Is Your Commercial Property Prepared?

It’s still warm out, and doubtless you are still thinking about the effect of summer weather on your landscape. But you know fall is practically on us. The kids are heading back to school, the days are getting shorter, and your flowers are looking a little tired. The fall will bring you new business, and you need your landscape fit for fall. Here are a few things you should have your landscape team look at:


The needs of your lawn change with the seasons. They need an extra helping of certain nutrients through the spring, when it is growing, but it needs a different set of nutrients to keep it healthy through the fall and winter, when it gets cooler. Not to mention that the benefits start to wear off after a bit. Professionals in the field will make sure your turf has what it needs.


It may seem strange to put little holes in your turf, but it does wonders to make your turf strong. It keeps the ground from getting too compact and hard. It improves water and nutrient uptake. All of this makes for strong roots that will help your turf look beautiful throughout the winter.


The sun has been beating on your mulch all summer, leaching out the color and taking away its protective punch. A wise landscaper will touch it up so it looks as pretty as the flowers it is keeping from the first frost.

Seasonal Enhancements:

Commercial properties that never change up their color palate get stale. Fall is a great time to switch out some flowers and touch up the grounds. Besides, some flowers start to droop in fall. Replacing the ones going to seed with those that are still blooming keeps your property looking fresh and enticing all year.