Fall is a great time to improve your commercial landscaping

As the summer winds down and the colorful annuals begin to fade, the cooler weather brings a chance to reassess and improve your commercial landscaping. A well maintained property looks welcoming and professional, so carefully choose plants that add color and interest all year round.

Take stock of your landscape and note bare areas or dead foliage. Consider where you normally store plowed snow, especially if you use salt, and select hardy plants for that area. Bulbs are a great way to enliven bare areas in the spring. Plant early bloomers such as crocus, daffodils or tulips from October through December for early blossoms.

Autumn is the best time to plant trees and shrubs. The cooler, wetter season allows them plenty of time to become established and then flourish when spring arrives. Evergreens are ideal plants for commercial landscapes because they don’t shed leaves, are colorful in winter, and are easy to maintain.

Add quick fall color to your property with chrysanthemums, pansies and violas. Chrysanthemums are perennials, which means they come back each year. In the summer, before they bloom, they provide rich green color. Pansies and violas are biennials, so they bloom in both fall and spring but die off as soon as the hot weather of summer arrives.

Ward off winter blahs with the textures and colors of carefully selected landscaping plants. Ornamental grasses look dramatic and add texture. To quickly brighten your property in the cool season, add ornamental kale or cabbages to flower beds. Hollie bushes have bright red berries and forsythia offers bright yellow blooms at the end of winter.