Does Your Business Need Pond Management?

When people think of ponds, they tend to think of ritzy homes in gated communities. Or perhaps they think of parks, publicly maintained and meant to control storm run-off. While those are good places to find a pond, we all know that many businesses also have ponds. There are hotels, restaurants and malls that use them for ambiance. There are companies with large campuses that require ponds to manage storm water effectively.

Whatever the reason that your company has a pond, you know that it requires time and expertise to keep it pristine. However, you are a busy business owner, specializing in your own areas. You might consider getting pond management experts. Here are a few ways your pond can benefit from the professional touch.

Fighting Algae and Keeping the Pond Clean

Algal blooms are when the algae in a body of water grows until a pond is a stinking green mess. Excessive algae eats up all the oxygen in your pond and blocks out the sunlight. If you have fish, this can endanger them.

Algae grows fast and requires careful removal. Professional pond maintenance crews can keep the algae in check while ensuring that any life forms, like your fish, are safe.

Keeping The Pond’s Shape

With water, erosion is a constant threat, especially at pond edges. The sides can fall in to the water and cover the bottom, slowly making your narrow, deep pond into a wide, shallow puddle.

As the pond fills, the composition of the water changes. It gets murkier and loses oxygen. Any pond planting can suffer. Pond maintenance crews can dredge the pond and shore up the edges so that the pond stays the same shape.

Fighting Invasive Species

Ponds attract wildlife and plants. Some plants and creatures you will want in your pond, but some of the species will be unwelcome guests. Hydrilla and Salvinia, for instance, are two plants that can quickly strangle a pond. Fighting these pests takes serious expertise.

With commercial landscaping construction experts that are certified in pond management, you can make sure your pond looks as beautiful as the rest of your property. If you want your pond to continue to bring value to your business for years to come, contact us. We’re certified and ready to go.