Current Trends are Saving Time, Money & Labor

Spring has sprung, and it is the perfect time to look at the outdoor areas of your property and see what needs improvement. After removing unwanted plants or features, it is a great time to consider an update. Recent commercial landscaping trends focus not only on making your property look professional and unique but also saving time, money and labor.

Water conservation

Better plant choices, smart irrigation and other water conservation techniques are a big trend that continues to grow. Native plants are already adapted to the whims of our local climate, requiring less water, fertilizer and care. Drought tolerant flowers such as irises or day-lilies are cost-effective and generate more interest than a bed full of the same old pansies. The latest technology allows business owners to use smart irrigation. It can be controlled remotely and is easily adjustable. Some systems are even compatible with smart phones!


Annuals are always reliable for a splash of color but the beds need to be replanted a couple of times a season to stay looking fresh. Instead of planting the usual round of begonias, try perennials. Like native plants, many perennials need less fertilizer and water than annuals. Plants such as coreopsis, echinacea, and phlox flower year after year with little attention. A commercial landscaping company can determine the right mix of perennials for your soil so you always have something in bloom.

Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are always reliable in commercial landscapes, but trends show there are new ways to use them. More businesses are now using trees to create a comfortable area for customers to linger in, adding a bench or park-like area. Like hairstyles, tree and shrub pruning shapes go in and out of fashion. The current trend is to prune less severely and to allow your greenery to look more natural and less geometric.

Of course, these are all just current trends that we are not bound to or hindered by. Feel free to go against the norm and try something unique. But in the spirit of convenience, conservation and ease of maintenance we present these trends to you for inspiration.