Commercial Landscaping with Staying Power: Consider Sticking with Dark Hues

Are you ready to perk up your commercial landscaping before 2017 arrives? This year saw an increasing number of businesses lean towards rainwater harvesting, rooftop gardens, native plants and no-fuss hardscapes. There was also an underlying interest in the use of darker colors, retro light fixtures and pollinators. These commercial landscaping trends may spill over into the New Year but the accuracy of that statement obviously remains to be seen. If you’re looking to hedge bets and assume they will, may we suggest taking a look at various coleuses?

Considered part of the Lamiaceae Family, most people associate them with bright colors including purples, greens and yellows. However, they may sport dark, deep-hued foliage too. Among the most publicized are the chocolate lines. Depending on the chosen hybrid, the ornamental’s leaves may appear black or deep plum in color. Other shades of dark purple, including eggplant and mulberry, are sometimes available too. Thus, it is possible to create a great deal of contrast in one’s commercial landscaping using nothing but darker shades of coleus.

Traditionally thought of as a summer plant, they’ll frequently surpass the season as long as cold snaps don’t result in notable frost. As such, it may carry commercial properties right through the Halloween season quite nicely. This is particularly true if the black coleus serves as backdrop to orange and yellow chrysanthemum or gaillardia goblins. Just remember most coleus, regardless of hue, tend to need some room. For instance, hearty types will often grow three feet out and three feet high whereas container size varieties won’t need nearly that much room.

The dark-hued variety will also need plenty of shade, moisture and sun. Otherwise, they could take ill, discolor and die prematurely. To learn more about dark-hued coleus and other ornamentals that will likely carry well into 2017, please contact our commercial landscaping design team.