Commercial Landscaping Tips: Make NC’s Multi-Family Properties Kid-Friendly

The ability to enjoy the great outdoors alone or with others is one of the many, important selling points that North Carolina’s multi-family property owners have at their disposal. As a matter of fact, many families have come to count on such spaces being a standard part of development living. So if you are hoping to attract more residents to your Raleigh development, its best to create a commercial landscape that is kid-friendly. Here are a few commercial landscaping tips that may help:

Choose Tough Surfaces

Whether you plan on incorporating grasses or hardscapes into your commercial landscaping plans, it’s important to select items that can stand up to the rigors of everyday use. There are several resilient, cool-season grasses that tend to do well in the piedmont region. They typically hold up under continuous foot traffic and stay green through late fall and early winter. The list includes perennial ryegrass, assorted fescues and Kentucky bluegrass.

Stick with Non-Toxic Ornamentals

Of course with children and family pets expected to be around, it’s best to stick with non-toxic ornamentals whenever possible. The ornamentals should also be able to thrive in our region’s natural environment. Different items that may fit the bill for your multi-family development’s commercial landscaping needs are flowering dogwoods and chalk maples.

Keep the Sight Line Clear

If you plan on offering play areas, it’s important to select landscaping elements that help to keep parents’ line of sight open. That said, you may want to encircle or fill those types of areas with small trees and ground cover. The list of native North Carolina trees that tend to grow no more than 30 feet tall includes sweet bay magnolias, fringe trees and lilac bushes.

To discuss these commercial landscaping tips further and make your multi-family development in North Carolina more kid-friendly, please contact us at Long Brothers Landscaping.