Commercial Landscaping Team is Preparing for Autumn Overseeding Tasks

Cool weather is inching ever closer. So soon, our commercial landscaping team will be aerating, dethatching and mowing the turf short in anticipation of overseeding. There are many advantages to overseeding in September. For instance, it’s an excellent way to get rid of bare spots, improve overall appearance and thwart autumn, insect activity. However, there are also a handful of decisions that must be made before overseeing begins:

What Type of Grass Seed is Best?

For starters, it is vital to choose the right grass seed. Depending on the turf’s current condition, it may be necessary to introduce new cultivars that are resistant to certain insects, diseases and climate conditions (e.g. drought).

Which Overseeing Method is Best?

Once that question is answered, commercial landscaping companies must decide on a overseeding method. There are a number of overseeding methods to choose from nowadays. Among them are slit-seeding, hand toss and broadcast. Decisions will be made based on the landscape’s health, dimensions and number of bare or damaged areas.

When is the Best Time to Overseed?

Afterward, commercial landscaping experts must bide their time and choose the best time to overseed. Otherwise, the grass seed may not take to the soil as hoped. There are a multitude of considerations that go into selecting overseed periods. The list includes, but isn’t confined to moisture levels, atmospheric and soil temperatures.

Is Extra Fertilizer Needed?

Finally, commercial landscaping professionals will need to determine if extra fertilizer is needed to help give the seeds the nutrients they need to survive the winter months. If fertilizer needs to be applied after overseeding, they’ll need to take care of that and light watering too.

To learn more about overseeding and other commercial landscaping tasks best reserved for September, please contact us. At Long Brothers Landscaping, we can help with fall overseeding, aeration, turf fertilization, and more.