Commercial Landscaping for the Summer: Give People Relief from the Heat

In sweltering summer weather, parking lots and other outdoor areas on commercial properties often become very unattractive. The air seems to shimmer with heat. There’s an unrelenting glare off the pavement and off the buildings and their dazzling windows or metal components. People leave an air-conditioned car and feel like they’re knocked over by the heat; by the time they return to their cars, the interior of the vehicle is scorching.

Although commercial landscaping can’t completely banish excessive heat, the way you design your landscape can have a soothing effect. Depending on the landscaping choices you make, people will feel cooler and more refreshed, or they’ll at least be able to look around the property and not feel as if they’re in an overheated wasteland.

The following are some measures you can take to make your landscaping more inviting in the heat:

Break up expanses of pavement with green areas that include trees, shrubs, flowers or grass.
Use more trees to provide shade. People appreciate being able to park in the shade and walk in the shade of trees on the way in or out of your building. Trees also have a positive psychological influence on people. On top of that, if the trees are providing shade to your building, you can also wind up reducing your energy bills over the summer.
The vegetation on your landscape can sometimes also be used to channel a breeze towards your building or towards certain areas where people are more likely to be outdoors. If such an arrangement works on your property, you’ve given people additional relief against stifling heat.
The way you design your landscape can also reduce the glare coming off of your building and hardscapes.
Installing a small fountain or a pond can also be a good way to make your property look more inviting in the summer. The sound of trickling water can have a positive effect on people who need relief from the heat.
Be sure to contact us for additional assistance with making your property more inviting during the sweltering summer months. We also provide you with essential maintenance services that help your green spaces thrive and keep your property in good shape.