Commercial Landscaping Experts Discuss Fall Aeration

When shopping center, homeowner association, or property management company clients call our commercial landscaping office to discuss a seasonal change in maintenance regimens for their lawn areas, they rarely mention fall aeration. Since this is a vital part of your turf’s ability to look great again in the spring, we put together a quick primer on the value of this service.

What is Aeration?

Through the summer, your grass surfaces have undergone plenty of stress. Countless folks walked, sat, and played on them. The soil is now compact and a prime candidate for grass die-off during winter. Aeration counteracts this problem.

Loosens soil. Where thousands of feet have compacted soil in spring and summer, an aeration treatment loosens it up. Water and nutrients now quickly reach the grass’ roots.
Boosts root health. Roots that may have languished in the compacted soil now grow stronger. As a direct result, you will witness minimal die-back when compared to the bald spots you may be accustomed to seeing each spring.
Combine Fall Aeration with Supportive Services

Depending on the overall health and consistency of the lawn and the soil right at the grass surface, it may be necessary to de-thatch the area. A buildup of organic detritus may sound like it could be an excellent fertilizer, but it only chokes the life out of the grass and prevents water from reaching the roots.

With the soil nice and loose, now is also a great time to over-seed the surfaces with a winter grass that allows for green-looking lawns. Because aeration has opened up the ground, germination will be quick. And because the still-warm earth temperatures speed up the process even more, you keep a nice looking landscape year round.