Commercial Landscaping Construction Pros Discuss Turfgrass Watering Costs

Having spent many years serving the Triad and Triangle markets, our commercial landscaping construction team knows that water conservation is an important issue for North Carolinians. That’s why we often share with clients our recommendations on which turf and ornamental grasses require the least amount of water. Today, we wanted to briefly touch on that topic openly for those that may have been curious but unable to ask about it until now:

There are basically two categories of turf and ornamental grasses that grow well in Durham, Cary and Raleigh. They are known as warm season and cool season plants. Back in 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency conducted a study on both types of grasses as part of one of their conservation program’s initiatives. Their researchers discovered that cool season grasses, on average, tend to use more water than warm season grasses, though not by much.

The list of cool season grasses that typically grow in our region includes fescues, ryegrasses and Kentucky Bluegrasses. The warm season category for our area normally includes St. Augustine, Bermuda, centipede, carpet, zoysia and Bahia. Understandably, each set of turf grasses also clearly has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages that have nothing to do with water conservation. Most of those additional pros and cons center on root and shoot growth or mortality risk.

With that in mind, much of the commercial landscaping construction in Raleigh, Cary and Durham tends to minimize the use of turf grasses in favor of elements like low-water plants and hardscapes. However, businesses in those areas do not have to stick to that type of thinking. They may opt to save on watering related costs in other ways.

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