Commercial Irrigation System Professionals Share What Goes Into a Watering Plan

Commercial irrigation in North Carolina involves more than just laying miles of pipe and flipping a switch. It also requires a deep understanding of turfgrass water requirements. For instance, did you know that in order to select the right watering schedule and volume, it is necessary to factor several elements into the equation? The type of cultivar used plays a role but so do the following:

Transpiration and Evaporation
Root Zone Porosity and Percolation
Water Infiltration and Retention
Runoff and Watering Restrictions
And there are other considerations too, like whether or not people are expected to be on the turf at given times of the day. After all, no North Carolina business owner wants their customers pelted with sprinkler water or foot traffic to leave lasting impressions on wet soil. The indentations are likely to spoil the look of the turf grass as well as harm the root system in the process.

Our North Carolina, commercial irrigation systems’ team knows that on average, each square foot of healthy, turf grass is likely to require at minimum of 65 ounces of water per week. Of course no two commercial properties’ turf grass situation is going to be the same. Some business landscapes in North Carolina may need far more, or less, than 65 ounces of water a week. Also, it doesn’t matter if that water comes from natural precipitation or a commercial property’s irrigation system.

Remember, the ultimate key to having a great-looking, commercial property is to make sure that the turf gets the right amount of moisture, regardless of the source. Otherwise, the commercial area’s landscape may dry out, become stressed and invite additional problems.

To find out more about the calculations and other knowledge that goes into coming up with an effective, efficient irrigation plan, please contact us at Long Brothers Landscaping today.