Choosing the Best Commercial Landscaping Construction Service Provider

The first thing that comes to mind when a client walks into the door of your business is the quality of the curb appeal. First impressions can mean everything in the business world, which why commercial landscaping is such an important element to properly construct and maintain. Through learning how to compare commercial landscaping construction providers in your area, enhancing the visual appeal of your property should be possible in no time at all.

Prepare A List of Specifications and Desired Services

Personally analyze your property and perhaps obtain a second opinion from an experienced commercial landscaping professional. According to the Ohio Landscape Association, “Some of the basic specifications that you should include in your bid package are: the contract time frame, spring and fall clean-up details, areas to be mulched, the number of shrub and tree trimmings you want included, the number of weekly cuttings for the season, fertilization needs and any special areas of concern. The package itself should include the written specifications, a plot map outlining the boundaries of the property and a request for references.” Having a list prepared will be essential when it comes to negotiation with various companies for the cost of the desired work.

Investigate Experience and Reputation

You are putting the future aesthetic appeal of your commercial buildings landscape at stake when selecting a service provider. Take the time to do some research on companies which interest you and ask for references from current or previous clients. It never hurts to go on site to other client locations to inspect the quality of work.

Industry Certification and Recognition

Ask prospective commercial landscaping companies to give you a list of their certifications. Participation and inclusion in these groups represents their commitment to the art of landscaping and consistent customer satisfaction.

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