Breaking Up The Summer Blahs

It’s the middle of summer, and your commercial property has been humming along all season. The lawn has been lush, the paths have been clean, and the greenery has been inviting.

It’s just a little dull. It’s been the same views for months now, and your customers are starting to take it for granted. How can you grab their attention without inconveniencing people or straining this quarter’s budget?

Start with a new hardscape addition. 

Everyone could use a new bench or statue. This will add a talking point for guests. A pretty new bench gives customers a chance to feel comfortable and linger on your grounds. It won’t add to your irrigation needs or take long to put in, either.

Next, spice up your borders with some new flowers. 

Switch out a few non-flowering plants with marigolds, native flowers or rhododendron. These create depth to flower beds and are easy to make into artistic shapes. Marigolds can be planted in the shape of your company’s logo or striped in to your company’s colors. The replacement will be quick and striking, just what you need to catch the attention of summer clientele.

Finally, uproot some low-lying ground cover and replace it with paths. 

Ivy and it’s ilk can get out of control this time of year and make your property look more overgrown than lush, and they provide hiding places for vermin. Taking them out frees that space for more attractive options. Besides, they tend to make demands on your water supply, which can be better spent on the lawn. There are plenty of covers for your property other than ivy. For instance, glittery white gravel or creeping thyme would catch a customer’s attention and make your grounds look clean and polished.