Attract New Residents With Three Quick Fixes

When a potential resident comes to view the apartment or town home you have for rent, the first thing they see is how you manage your multi-family landscaping maintenance. Weedy flowerbeds, a brown lawn and debris-filled sidewalks are all deterrents that discourage new residents.

In 2013 J. Turner Research conducted a study that asked residents of multi-family properties what their top complaints were. The residents cited poor upkeep of the grounds and common areas as their second worst complaint, surpassed only by rental rates. Most of the other ten complaints were related to some aspect of maintenance or customer service. Here are three quick and easy issues to focus on in the upkeep of your property. Addressing them quickly will enhance resident satisfaction and curb appeal.

Remove weeds and debris- Make sure to remove all weeds, trash or other debris from flowerbeds or any area where it doesn’t belong. Regularly mulch flowerbeds and around trees to prevent weeds in the first place. Also, consider hardscaping for problem areas.

Clear the walkways- Snow, grass clippings or other landscaping debris not only make the property look messy but they also have the potential to cause accidents. Regularly remove any obstructions so residents can walk to their homes without walking through a mess or slipping.

Keep the lawn lush- Beautiful grass appeals to residents because they can enjoy the lawn without having to do any of the work. A neatly cut green lawn makes your apartment complex look clean and well maintained.

These three issues may seem simple, but if you follow through with simple tasks like these, potential residents are ensured to be pleased with your property’s landscaping. Of course, there are many other things you can do to improve your landscape, but these are a few of the basics that will keep your residents happy.