All About Turf Renovation

Every once in a while, a company will perform turf renovation. It sounds high-tech and geared towards football fields. People don’t generally call the lawn in front of their apartments ‘turf.’ However, turf renovation is important for your commercial establishment.

What It Is

Turf renovation is the fancy way of saying patching up your lawn without tearing it all up. Sometimes lawns develop brown spots and trouble areas. When this happens, the landscaper will pinpoint why your lawn is having problems and will move to correct the underlying problem. The best time to do this is early fall for cool-season grass and early spring for warm-season grass. This will allow cool-season grass to mature before winter and warm-season grass to avoid frost damage.

After fixing whatever caused the brown patches, your lawn will need reviving. The weeds will have to be removed, the bare spots reseeded, and the ground cultivated with tilling and fertilizer.


The lawn of a commercial property is a major vehicle for their professional presentation. A lush lawn says the business is in funds and ready for action. What is more, a patchy, sickly lawn makes the rest of the landscape look shabby, distracting from the beautiful hardscape and patio decor.

If you are running multi-family housing, a lawn in need of renovation discourages renters and buyers alike. It makes people uncomfortable to see patchy lawns, and the people already living there will feel cheated. With all this riding on your turf’s health, renovation takes on great importance when the lawn takes a turn for the worse.

Why Hire An Expert

Professional landscapers have a lot of experience in figuring out what has gone wrong with turf-grass and how to best right it. They are also conversant with the most effective reseeding and fertilization methods. Recovering lawns need a sure touch to bring them completely back to health.

They will help avoid the need to renovate the lawn again, too. Over-watering, poor drainage, soil compaction and improper care are leading reasons for lawns to develop problems. Professional landscapers know how to fix these things.