Adjusting Your Irrigation For The Summer Season

We are in the middle of summer, and you may have noticed that things have changed. This is especially true of your irrigation system. The weather may be wicking away your water faster now, and you may find that people are impacting your lawn more. Don’t worry though. You can take the following things into consideration to keep your landscape green all summer.

Soak The Lawn For Independence Day

That there will be many people setting off fireworks, both in socially-sanctioned open fields and all over the street. You may hear neighbors ‘testing’ them early and if you run multi-family dwellings, your tenants will be trying out their fireworks, too.

With all these explosives and highly-flammable materials being used around your lawn, you will want to do a little defensive watering. Have your landscapers soak your greenery to prevent fires.

Water With The Heat In Mind

Droplets of water can magnify the sun so that leaves get scorched. Also, heat will cause your water to evaporate before the water can soak down in to the roots of your plants.

To prevent both scorching and wasted water, plan to irrigate your landscapes either before the heat of the day or afterwards. Early morning, around 6, is generally a good time.

Watering Around People’s Schedules

Summer changes people’s behavior. You might find clients coming in later in the evening to miss the heat of the day or to simply take advantage of the extra daylight hours. Your tenants will hang around outside more. You don’t want to accidentally soak any of those people.

Double check your schedule to make sure you aren’t watering on busy days or right when people are coming in to work.