7 Ways Irrigation Systems Lower Costs, Add Value for Commercial Properties

Commercial property managers face a critical issue with landscaping — how to maintain an attractive landscape for property while keeping costs low. Curb appeal and city ordinances require a beautiful landscape, but scheduling an employee to maintain a watering schedule is cost prohibitive and tends to fall into the category of things that get put on the back burner by busy staff.

The best way to keep a landscape healthy is to install an irrigation system. An automatic system provides multiple benefits:

1. Reduced labor costs for watering.

No need to pay maintenance staff for moving hoses and placing sprinklers. Scheduling and managing watering staff costs money, too. Reduce all those costs!

2. Reduce water costs. 

An automatic system uses less water than handwatering or traditional hose and sprinkler systems.

3. Reduce costs for plants. 

Plants that are watered by automatic system live longer. Save money replacing plants and paying the labor costs for removing dead plants and planting new plants.

4. Full coverage for the landcape. 

Water where you need to not where you don’t! Irrigation systems offer very accurate watering patterns.

5. Control over timing. 

Water when late at night or early morning before staff or customers are at the property!

6. Irrigation systems increase property value.

When people are looking at a property irrigation systems add value and increase the asking price of the property. Potential tenants like knowing that a landscape is well maintained.

7. Save plants or grass during a drought.

Water restrictions during drought require special irrigation strategies that are easy to implement with an irrigation system.