5 Ways to Save Hardscapes from Cold Weather Damage

When the temperatures get cooler, hardscapes require extra protection. Pavers, walkways, and anything stone that stays outside all year are prone to damage during winter. The only true way to prevent your hardscapes from falling to pieces is to take measurable action when it gets cold.

Here are 5 ways of protecting your hardscapes from cold weather damage.

1. Don’t Use Rock Salt: While rock salt works well to stop ice and snow, it can also dry out pavers, concrete, and brick. An optimal solution is to use a de-icer that contains calcium chloride instead of rock salt.

2. Seal Your Hardscapes: Products that seal hardscapes and protect them from cold weather are perfect for high traffic areas. Consider applying a concrete sealer to driveways and walkways during fall to stop winter erosion.

3. Remove Snow ASAP: When snow accumulates, it tends to thicken up and pack. The thicker it becomes, the more difficult it is to remove. The faster you remove snow and ice from walks and driveways, the longer they will last.

4. Use a Plastic Shovel: Throw out those old, metal shovels, and replace them with heavy-duty plastic models. Metal shovels remove protective materials from hardscapes and leave scratches, but plastic moves over it instead. This simple switch can save you hundreds of dollars down the road.

5. Don’t Over Do It with De-Icers: Too much de-icing product can cause permanent damage to hardscapes. Never conclude that more is better when it comes to removing snow and ice. Follow the directions for application per square foot, and save your walkways and driveways from irreparable damage.

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