5 Tips to Qualifying a Great Landscape Maintenance Management Team

A great landscape maintenance management team must have good experience and knowledge in order to do the work that you need to get done. The best Landscape Team has industry respect, a successful workforce, as well as proper insurance on the people who work for them. Here are 5 key tips to assist you in selecting your next top Landscape Maintenance Management Team.

1.  Qualify

Make sure that the landscape management team you are considering is not a fly-by-night company. Demand references. Most property managers don´t mind letting you know how their landscape management team serves them. Keep this in mind if you are called by another property for a reference check. Experience in the industry will be your best “just judge”. Ask how long each team has been in business and whether they work year round or just seasonally. You will need your team in the winter months to maintain your property. When you are evaluating management teams, always confirm that they carry three types of insurance: general liability, worker’s compensation and property damage. Don´t assume, we know what that can make out of “you and me.”

2.  Identify

Consider what needs to be executed to maintain and enhance your property before seeking a landscape maintenance management team. A great management team will provide both maintenance and new installation services. Some issues to consider are:

Will you need?

Weekly or bi-weekly turf trimming

Shrub pruning

New plantings and sod

Yearly re-mulching

Irrigation system additions or repairs

Weekly litter removal
Correcting of drainage issues

Spraying and weed control

Pavers and retaining walls

Bi-annual flower rotations

Tree trimming

Fertilization package

3.  Apples to apples

Unfortunately, the landscape management industry is one that does not have an even playing field. This is partly due to the lack of “industry standard” parameters being set for maintaining your property. Remember, there are countless ways for companies to “cheap out” or cut corners that directly affect your property´s appearance. You must set the guidelines in order for each management team to present proposals for fair comparisons. This will allow each team to know what they are responsible for and each team will be providing you with the options you will be requiring. In the end you must feel confident that the landscape maintenance management team you are working with is experienced, professional and honest.
4. Workforce

When deciding on a management team, always ask: How many crews does your company employ and do you use relevant equipment? It is very important that your landscape management team be adequately equipped with equipment and man power. Not enough employees or an abundance of inappropriate, although functional, equipment may jeopardize the consistency of landscape maintenance. Make sure that your team is one that can handle the size and complexity of your property.

5. Know your contract

Before signing your contract take time to review and see if your landscape team has properly given you the items you have requested in your scope of work.