5 Shade Loving Ferns Perfect for Commercial Landscaping Construction Jobs

There are many different ferns that grow well in North Carolina’s Piedmont Region and several of them would be ideal for commercial landscaping construction jobs. You may ask, “Why?” In our experience, most of them will hold their color and are easy to maintain. That said, here’s a look at five ferns businesses may want to consider utilizing:

1.) Southern Wood Fern

For commercial landscapes that are known to have average to moist soil, the perennial Southern Wood Fern may prove to be an excellent fit. It does very well in hot, humid climates and in areas where the soil has an acidity that is at, or greater than, six. Plus, it only tends to reach heights of 5 feet or less.

2.) Southern Lady Fern

Those commercial establishments that prefer taller vegetation may enjoy the Southern Lady Fern. It grows up to 6 feet and generally displays a pretty, lime to light green hue. Furthermore, it has the ability to prosper in partial shade and drenching wet to moist soils with a variety of pH levels.

3.) Netted Chain Fern

In compact areas where wet, sandy and acidic soil is present, the Netted Chain Fern may be more apropos. Also a perennial, it thrives around commercial ponds and water gardens. Business owners can generally count on this particular perennial to reach no more than 2 feet in height.

4.) Broad Beech Fern

Commercial property owners blessed with mildly acidic, average soil should consider the Broad Beech Fern too. It typically grows about 2 feet high and sports winged stems. The winged stems are actually quite interesting, which tends to make it a favorite among professional florists.

5.) Fancy Fern

Finally, we can’t fail to mention the Fancy Fern. It does very well in shaded areas, especially those known for their limestone content. In most instances, the fronds reach heights of 3 feet and they tend to clump together. Thus, they are often used to fill sections of shaded flower beds.

To learn more about these and other shade loving ferns that would be ideal for commercial landscape applications, please contact us. At Long Brothers Landscaping, we have the knowledge and skills needed to make North Carolina’s business communities shine.