4 Reasons to Change the Flowers In Your Shopping Center This Summer

If you have a shopping center, people are currently flooding your property during the summer season and increased daylight hours. Your center is getting a lot of use, and it’s important to take advantage of the increased traffic. One good way to do that is to change the flowers on your property. Here are four reasons to do this:

1. Encourages customers to stay longer by making a change

Humans notice when things change. We take time to take in the difference, and if it is a pleasant one, we linger around. A change in the floral background will trigger this tendency in your customers. The more they hang around the new floral arrangement, the more they spend in the stores, and the more the store owners can pay you in rent.

2. A fresh start

A full re-do of your floral raised beds gives your landscaping team a chance to double-check the soil for health and lack of bugs. It allows them to scrape out any garbage and hidden dead leaves, too. The cleaned out grounds will make it more pleasant for customers to hang around, and that will start the process mentioned in the first benefit.

3. Opportunity for creative advertising

The longer days and lush flowers combine in a glorious opportunity for your brand. Pick flowers that come in your logo’s colors. Spell out the name of your company. Design arrows and frames that point to signs for dramatic effect. Summer brings out the best in our native plants, and your advertising arm can take advantage of it.

4. Capitalize on the blooming season

Some plants just look better this time of year. There is a narrow window of time when they produce their showiest flowers and nicest foliage. Changing your old flowers for the ones in their peak is a great way to bring the best attention to your shopping center.