4 Bug Repelling Plants That Will Help Your Tenets Enjoy the Landscaping of Your Multi-family Property

Creating a landscape that is readily enjoyed by the tenets of your multi-family property depends on a multitude of factors. One large, but often overlooked consideration revolves around a yard’s insect population. Unfortunately, outdoor pests can turn a well manicured backyard into an oasis of bothersome bugs. While an insect-free outdoor space isn’t possible, you can still decrease the bug population by adding a few pest repelling plants to the yard.


Pyrethrum which is often an ingredient used in natural insect repellent comes from Chrysanthemums. Planting the flower near the outdoor sitting area of a multi-family home will help keep ants and spiders from terrorizing your tenets. The bright colors the blooms provide will also add to the backyards overall atmosphere.

Lemon Grass

Instead of littering the yard with citronella candles you may want to consider planting Lemon grass. Most people don’t realize lemon grass is the source of citronella oil, however, adding it to your garden can hinder mosquitoes from feasting on your tenets. Grown as an annual plant, it can reach up to 4 feet.


Mosquitoes detest the smell of marigolds. Planting these cheerful flowers around the patio of your multi-family home won’t just keep the bugs in the air away, but underground, they will also repel microscopic worms that cause damage to the other plants around the yard.


The sticky hairs that cover petunias can catch a variety of insects. Once the pests are captured the plant proceeds to absorb the nutrients from their dead prey. It’s best to plant petunias in full sunlight while providing them with at least one thorough watering each week.

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