3 Tips to Create Great Hardscapes

Hardscapes doesn’t sound very glamorous or appealing to the eye. But, hardscape is a fantastic addition to your landscaping if done right.

First – Know the drainage of your landscape. You don’t want to add hardscape that complicates drainage, or that funnels water to the building. So, take some time to map out how the water drains. When you add hardscape, make sure there is a slight elevation close to the building and slanted toward a natural drainage point.

If you have concerns about drainage, it’s best to get expert help. The last thing you want is to find you create a magnificent landscape with hardscape included and all the water is pooling around benches and the building foundation.

Second – Balance what you have in your landscape. You don’t want all grass, and you don’t want all hardscape. Create a balance of soft elements such as plants, and hardscape such as boulders and walls.

Look at your landscape and put soft elements in front of hardscape such as boulders. Add soft elements such as rose bushes around a brick circle that includes a bird bath. Entertain the eye with a mixture of soft and hard.

Third – Decide where you want people to look first. That is your focal point and you can use a boulder, or a circle of stones with a water feature to create an interesting focal point.

For this step, you might want to ask a few friends for help. Ask them to walk to your building and tell you the first thing they see. If it’s something you don’t want as a focal point, such as a utility box, then you know you need to create a new focal point with a mixture of hardscape and soft landscaping elements.

Sound complicated? It isn’t! But it is easier if you contact us and let us help.