3 Tips for Choosing Commercial Landscaping Construction Contractors

When it comes to choosing a contractor for commercial landscaping construction, there are always several choices. Different companies will pitch you in hopes to land the job, but in making your decision, what should you look for? It is clearly important to choose the right contractor for the job and with much thought and consideration, making the right choice can be an easier task. Let’s discuss three tips to help choose the right commercial landscaping construction contractors.

1. Request for Proposal:

It is important to obtain at least two to three bids for the services required. The bids should be based on a plan and/or written narrative so all bidders are working with the same information. The bids should include the materials and equipment to be used for the project, as well as the number of construction personnel who will work the project. An important aspect of the bid will be the time frame for the project and include the start and completion dates and how unforeseen circumstances such as weather events will affect the schedule.

2. Licensing, Insurance and Professional Organizations:

It is imperative to make sure the subject contractor carries the necessary licensing and insurance for the work they expect to perform. It is also important contractors are members of the appropriate professional organizations. Such organizations are respected for their advocacy of safe and best construction practices and ethical business practices.

3. Experience:

When considering commercial landscaping construction contractors, check out the company history. It is important to consider a contractor who is well established, preferably in the area of the project and has a track record of professionalism and job satisfaction. A company that is local will have a presence in the area, and this is important if it’s necessary to contact the contractor for any follow-up discussions or work.